When you ask a child to tell you how they ended up in the street, the story always begins with “My mother died and then…” or “My stepfather did this to me and I ran away…” and once they end up on the street … the nightmare begins.

This exhibition reflects the experiences of these children, the underlying factors that led them onto the street, their living conditions and the assistance offered by the House of Smiles.

The exhibition is visual with the main photo showing moments of the child’s current life and the second photo depicting an object symbolizing what most likely influenced or continues to influence the child’s circumstances.

Life on the streets is a dangerous, harsh existence where most children become resilient and inventive in order to survive.

Drug abuse is often the only way of escaping a horrific existence in the streets. Children voluntarily took part in this project and willingly shared their personal stories, similar to stories of many other children like them.

Photo by Giovanni Diffidenti in collaboration with Cesvi

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